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The Real Truth Why Most Coaching Programmes Fail

Most Personal Trainers are sceptical about business coaching or mentoring programmes out there and justifiably so. 

Every single one of them focuses on one or two aspects of the business. 

Business coaches for Personal Trainers are making millions selling outdated marketing courses.

Some sell sleazy sales-call scripts that not even the most talented of sales person can capitalise on.

Others are offering vague secret systems that are nothing more than simple and played-out Social-to-Landing Page funnels.
Most “business” coaching programmes are focused solely on marketing. 

They require a profound understanding of marketing if you want to learn how to do it on your own and not be forever dependent on overpriced coaching programmes.

It’s easy to sell to us Personal Trainers because we’re wired towards self-development. 

But enough is enough. 

We’re tired of seeing great trainers quitting their passion and going back to working 9-to-5s. 

In a moment we’ll reveal exactly how you’ll be able to once and for all stop worrying about getting clients. 

Why Most (Great) Personal Trainers Quit The Industry

“In my first couple of years of becoming a Personal Trainer, I invested over £7k on certifications, textbooks, business courses, and high-ticket lead generation programmes.

Less than 7 months later, I had to take a second job to financially recover. 

I had no savings, and I had no new clients. 

I posted daily on social media, then twice a day. 

Sure, I got some clout and I was recognised by my peers. 

But all I could account for were failed consultation calls and a couple of clients who complained about the price and ghosted me. 

I worked day shifts 2 days a week, and during 4 night shifts each week I would read books on marketing, persuasion, mindset, and I did my best to think and grow rich. 

Nothing helped. 

The self-doubt I felt was at its peak. 

I felt inadequate and overwhelmed. 

I thought the only way for me to get rid of the jobs I hated and to work full time as a PT is if I invested thousands in ads. 
So I started saving money. 

Luckily, I had a meeting with PT Collective’s CEO Luke Johnson, and my entire perspective on my career shifted. 

Luke pointed out one thing I was fully aware of - I nailed the Education part. 

But what I failed to realise is that without Coaching, I never learned how to implement education into my business. 

Without Accountability, Coaching is useless, regardless of the Education it provides. 


Then and there, I stopped consuming content and books and ceased my further investments in courses on nutrition and training.

I was already qualified enough to work with the population I was passionate about helping. 

Even though Luke never officially coached me, I considered him a mentor, and his lessons and the ways he made me feel accountable helped me get to a place of my career where I’m, for almost four years now, fully booked.” 

We are currently not taking on any coaching clients

Why Partnering With Us Works

Darko’s story above is pretty much the standard in the industry. 

Most Personal Trainers quit the industry within the first couple of years. 

It’s not that they lack education (for the most part). 

If this resonates with you, it’s probably because you lack three main aspects of running a successful business: 
  • You don’t have an established network of highly successful people whose success you want to replicate
  • You don’t have a system that outlines your future actions, step by step
  • You don’t have a team of people who will take care of your marketing, sales, finances, copywriting, automation, etc. so you can focus on what you do best

Presenting PT Coaching

We want to help you build your ideal business. With the PT Collective team in your corner, together we will fast-track your business by any means. 

When we say our team is your team, we mean it. 

You might think it’s impossible to build a business this way because how in the hell would you establish a useful network, build systems in place, and recruit an entire team. 

You might have the following concerns

  • Is this too good to be true? No
  • How will you afford it? It is probably the same amount as 1-2 clients per month
  • How long would it take to see meaningful results? We want quick wins and your money invested back ASAP.
  • What aspect of your business needs most improvement? Our audit will highlight this and then we get to work
  • What are the crucial changes you need to bring to the table? There will be changes but we will do them together

Take all those questions, all that stress, and throw it on our back.

Because in essence, that’s exactly what we offer with PT Coaching

We’re taking the workload you would never be able to do alone, we integrate our systems for you and your business and we do it with you. 

We’re going to play all the roles you’re currently missing in your business. 

The entire PT Collective company is at your disposal.

We’ve been providing globally recognised education since 2015

During this time, we’ve built impenetrable credibility and we are recognised and supported by the industry’s biggest names. 

Our networking channels are yours. 

We’re a small business, but we’re a team with established and defined roles that operates like a Swiss watch.

Our systems, including all of our courses, templates, and knowledge base are yours.

Our team will take care of any weaknesses your business has

We’ll do financial audits, look at your business from the inside out, teach you how to generate high quality leads, master your consultation calls, help you understand proven concepts of copywriting, and dramatically improve client experience and retention. 

Our entire team is yours.

We are currently not taking on any coaching clients

When you win, we win!

Since we’re investing our time, energy, expertise and resources into your business, we want to make sure both sides are happy when partnering up.

That’s why we want to invite you to schedule a call with us.

Simply click/tap the book a call button below.

On this call, we’ll discuss your ambitions, expectations, and what you need from us. 

But here’s the bottom line. 

We’ll integrate a team of specialists who will overlook and help with every aspect of your business. 

For as long as you need us, you’ll have a whole team working with you. 

Below we have created our very own ACE framework, so you can see how we plan on working with you to ensure you and your business succeed. 

The worst-case scenario is the following:

You get your investment back, and in the process, you improve every element of your business and gain invaluable experience. (see guarantee below)

The best-case scenario:

We help you increase your income, create your ideal business and we work together improving and future proofing your business.

We back it up with the results we get

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Will it work for me?

At this point, you might still have doubts, or at least we would hope so. 

We wouldn’t want you to rush into making a decision of this magnitude. 

So before you schedule a meeting, make sure you prepare questions and concerns that we can openly discuss. 

But here’s what we can certainly promise. 

The entire PT Coaching service will be tailored specifically for you and the needs of your business. 

Our team-members will be assigned to each element of your business based on their specialised skills.
After the initial in-depth business analysis we’ll conduct 1-on-1, we’ll develop the first 3-month plan. 

The next step is to use the 3-month plan to establish concrete and specific monthly goals. 

We’ll then take those goals and break them down on easy and straightforward weekly steps. 

Our ACE framework (Accountability, Coaching and Education) will keep you in progressing every step along the way: 

  • Daily support over on our exclusive Slack channel
  • Regular Q&A sessions
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly 1-on-1 calls
  • Emergency and Specialist 1-on-1 calls

Remember - we’re fully invested in your business. 

We will not allow you to fail.

If you win, we win!

ACE Framework - how does it work?


  • Exclusive slack channel community
  • Weekly check-ins


  • In-depth business analysis with
    1-2-1 call
  • Quarterly 1-2-1 meeting
  • 3-month plan
  • Monthly detailed plan
  • Monthly 1-2-1 calls
  • Q&A sessions
  • Specialist 1-2-1 calls
  • Review your work
  • Secret email for just
    coaching clients


  • Access to PTC courses
  • New education workshops
  • Resources, systems and automations for your business and clients
  • Special guest workshops
  • Access to seminars/conferences
  • Exclusive in-person events
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