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In just 3 days you will have more clarity on:

  • Selecting the right niche for you
  • Building an offer/service that your niche ACTUALLY want
  • Charge what you're worth and have consistent revenue each month



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Day 1

Sometimes your niche selects you and sometimes you are limited by circumstances. 

Either way you will learn which bucket you fall into, because without the right niche for you, you will always second guess yourself. 

Day 2

No more Personalised training plan, custom nutrition advice, weekly check-in... blah blah blah 

It's boring and you are stating deliverables. Make them appealing to your niche. Trust us, it makes a difference. 

Day 3

98% of Personal Trainers are feel they are undercharging. 

Most Personal Trainers have inconsistent revenue each month.

One change will make it better for you and your clients. 

Frequently asked questions

Will the trainings be live

Do you watch live TV? 

No it will not be live, the training videos will be sent to your email, one per day

Will the training be recorded

Based on the answer for the question above, it is a resounding yes. 

We will even have a concierge page (fancy we know) where all the training videos will be uploaded to. 

How long will I need to spend per day on each training? 

Each training video is around 15 minutes each. 

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