Discover the Power of Video Sales Letters for Personal Trainers

The previous webinar was delivered on May 3rd. 

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What you will learn in the webinar

Are you struggling to find new clients and grow your personal training business? Have you considered the power of video sales letters? In this exclusive webinar, we'll show you why VSLs are essential for Personal Trainers and how they can help you get more clients and increase your revenue.

What is a Video Sales Letter and why it's crucial for your business

The benefits of having a VSL for your personal training business

A 13-step framework to scripting the perfect VSL

How to create an effective and engaging VSL

Pro tips to maximise your VSL

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Luke Johnson (Founder)

This is where I'm supposed to talk about myself in third person. 

Forget that. If you are on this page you have a good chance of knowing who I am. In 2012 I started online coaching and since then I have done pretty much everything in the online fitness realm. 

The business, marketing and sales side of business is what I enjoy and I have studied the art of a Video Sales Letter, so I want to pass that onto you and your Personal training business. 

It's a free webinar for 40ish minutes.

I won't even get you to scroll up to the top again. I will put a button below these bullet points that will take you back up, when you click it. 

Some call it lazy, I call it efficiency. 
  • 18+ Years of experience in the fitness industry 
  • Top 10% Call of Duty player (Masters category)
  • A marketing geek, who loves an audience that listens to me 
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