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Acquisition Mastery - Part 1 of PT Core
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Acquisition Mastery will help you by...

Better Leads, More Clients

Don't settle for mediocre results from generic online courses.

PT Core exposes the secrets other courses won't tell you, allowing you to attract the highest quality leads and most lucrative clients.

Clear, Easy, and Effective Marketing

Acquisition Mastery will de-clutter your marketing and allow you to focus on the right platforms and attract the prospects YOU want to work with. 
Save a ton of money and time following strategies and exact steps that’ll make you overbooked.

Proven Sales and Closing Plan

Never again will you worry about a steady income.

PT Core will turn you into a master at closing high-paying clients with our proven sales techniques and expert guidance.

It’s time to say goodbye to undervaluing your services and hello to the financial success and freedom you deserve!

No More Certifications, No More Doubt

PT Core gives you a permanent access to expert solutions for any problem your clients may encounter.

 No more renewals of certifications, no more continued expense on regurgitated information.

Unlike most PT certification providers, all of our course resources will stay permanently available to you.

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What our students say!

Ben Tweddle

I struggled when I first started working in the industry as I found it difficult to get clients. Through this course I’ve become more confident in my programming, exercise selection and lead generation.

It’s taught me how to market myself more effectively around my gym, giving me the opportunity to work with more people. This has helped me to become a better PT as I’ve gained a lot of experience working with more clients. 

I really like the way the course is laid out, and I’ve found everything easy to follow. It’s been really helpful having all the sections unlocked straight away, so I can pick which sections I wanted to start on and come back to ones I needed more help with. 

I would highly recommend the course to PTs whether you are new to the industry or experienced. It’s really helped me to become a better PT, and to learn how I can improve my business. " 

Francesco Sidoti

I enrolled on the PT Core course because I was looking to expand my knowledge on training and get certified. 

The course provided invaluable information on programming and training the general population, which has given me the confidence to start my own online business. 

The video-based structure of the course made it easy to retain information, and the ability to study at your own pace is a huge plus. 

One of the features I appreciated the most was the ability to ask questions and receive timely feedback from the instructors on their web platform. 
This allowed me to quickly clarify any doubts or questions I had, and provided valuable support throughout the course. Overall, a great investment in my career!

Choose your path

Acquisition Mastery

£349 £299

Tired of stumbling trying to build your PT business? revolutionise your approach and drive results. With Acquisition Mastery,  you'll get:
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Marketing for Personal Trainers
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales and client onboarding
  • Finance for Personal Trainers

PT Core (Full course)

Acquisition + Coaching Mastery

£599 £499 (Save £100)

Access the full course and join the exclusive 1% of elite certified Personal Trainers, setting you apart in the industry. With the full PT Core, we guarantee you’ll:
  • Become A PTC Certified Trainer
  • ' For Real ' Guarantee
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Marketing for Personal Trainers
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales and client onboarding
  • Finance for Personal Trainers
  • Screening clients
  • Exercise Mastery
  • Programme Mastery
  • Personal Training Experience
  • Coaching Mastery

Coaching Mastery

£349 £299

Looking to level up your PT service? Our course helps you stand out and deliver exceptional results. With Coaching Mastery, you'll get:
  • Screening clients
  • Exercise Mastery
  • Programme Mastery
  • Personal Training Experience
  • Coaching Mastery

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Course outline

Acquisition mastery

Business fundamentals

Gain essential business fundamentals that will help you start your own successful personal training business or master a specific field.

Access expert tools, resources, and curriculum that are specifically tailored to the personal training industry.

Learn at your own pace and repeat the material as many times as you need until you have mastered the concepts.

Obtain a solid foundation in business skills that will give you a competitive edge in the industry.

Marketing for Personal Trainers

Learn from a variety of resources, including articles, videos, and opportunities to work with professionals.

Discover new and innovative ways to attract clients and grow your business.

Gain insight into the latest marketing trends and strategies used by top personal trainers in the industry.

Receive expert guidance and support to help you succeed in the competitive world of personal training

Social Media Marketing

Select the right social media platforms for your target market. 

Create content that resonates and rewards you with growing your following and generating more leads.

Discover how to create content at scale and not spending hours on Canva or Capcut each week. 

Actionable strategies that will help you generate the right leads.

Sales and onboarding 

Unlock the secrets to successful sales and onboarding with our expert guidance and proven techniques.

Learn how to attract and retain clients by effectively communicating the value of your services.

Discover the strategies used by top personal trainers in the industry to increase revenue and grow their businesses.

Finance fundamentals

Learn essential finance fundamentals to help you build and manage your business more effectively.

Gain a deeper understanding of key financial concepts like budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis.

Discover how to make informed financial decisions that will help you grow your business and increase revenue.

What our students say

Write your awesome label here.

Frequently asked questions

Is the course all online? 

Yes it is. If you enrol in the PT Core course (full version) your assessments will be done online too. 

Can I enrol in part of the course? 

You can indeed. This is something new we have introduced. The PT Core course is broken down into Acquisition Mastery and Coaching Mastery. 
You can enrol in one part or get both and become a PTC Certified Trainer by doing the PT Core full course. 

Do I get lifetime access? 

You do indeed. We also give you free updates that we add in the future. We are always looking at added to the PT Core course. 

I do not have a Personal Trainer Qualification, can I still do the course? 

No you do not. We used to offer the level 2 and 3 qualifications, where all of our students would get PT Core included. 
Those qualifications alone are not very good in terms of you succeeding as a Personal Trainer. 
If you are UK based and pass your PT Core assessments you can get insurance for both in-person and online personal training. 
Note: if you are looking to coach clients out of a chain gym in the UK, they may ask for a level 3 still. 
If you are outside of the UK, you would need to speak to someone in the industry for more details 

How do I become a PTC Certified Trainer and what does that mean? 

To become a PTC Certified trainer you need to enrol in the full PT Core course. There are two assessments, a video upload (10 minutes) and you need to pass a multiple choice assessment that is made up of 80 questions with an 80% pass rate. 
What does a PTC Certified trainer mean? You will get your very own PT Core certificate and be able to call yourself a PTC Certified trainer. 
We truly believe that a PTC Certified trainer is a top 1% Personal Trainer around the world. 

Do I receive updates for free or do I have to pay for them? 

Yes, even though we classify this as a course a lot of students will keep coming back to the PT Core course. Consider it more a go to Personal Trainer resource that keeps giving. The additional lessons/resources will be free for current students.
We will likely increase the price in the future, when we add the updates. 

Do I need to re-certify? 

Nope, this is just a money making scheme. Once you have ‘certified’ the real certification starts, are you able to get clients, are you a good coach and can you keep clients. 
That’s the certification of being a successful Personal Trainer. 

Is it really a no questions asked money back guarantee? 

Yep, if you enrol in the PT Core course.

There are obviously conditions. If you go through the whole course, complete it and pass your assessment, and you honestly feel that you have not become a more knowledgeable Personal Trainer and your systems have not improved, then just let us know and we will give you your money back. 

Can I upgrade to the full PT Core course?

You can indeed. Let’s say you decided to sign up to the Acquisition part and then want to upgrade to the full PT Core, you can do so at a later date. We have details on the course and a special upgrade link. 

Can I pay in instalments? 

There are a few options, we do have Klarna and Afterpay, if you are able to use them then by all means, do so. 
For PT Core only, we have a 3 payment option of £185 per month. 

Got a question? 

Send us a message on our contact us page here
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