24 lessons from a decade of online fitness business

Lesson 1
Fuck others, Fuck fitting into the norm, use your competitiveness to drive you in business.

Lesson 2
You can start your entrepreneurial journey anytime.

Lesson 3
Best way to learn, do the thing you are trying to get better at (a lot).

Lesson 4
Unique is good, but weird is just weird.

Lesson 5
90% can be right but 10% can mess things up.

Lesson 6
Don’t need a flashy logo, website, systems or automations to start. 

Lesson 7
Direct response = quick sales
Great coaching = client retention
Brand = longevity and scale

Lesson 8
Make uncomfortable, comfortable

Lesson 9
Jump on the momentum wave and ride that fucker.

Lesson 10 
Online you need a very specific target market, it helps with all elements of your business.

Lesson 11 
95% of you should probably just focus on 1-2-1 online coaching.

Lesson 12 
Build systems and templates to reduce the time per client.

Lesson 13 
Don't have part-time chicks as coaches, focus on reaching client capacity per coach. 

Lesson 14 
To build a business you need to reduce your coaching and learn more about business. 

Lesson 15
Online group coaching works better for females

Lesson 16
Take what works in-person and translate to online. A bigger Total Addressable Market.

Lesson 17 
Get product market fit and then re-invest in the right things. 

Lesson 18 
Build a recognisable brand when looking to scale. 

Lesson 19 
People will pay more for a financial ROI over abs or knowledge to get abs.

Lesson 20 
Know your numbers. 

Lesson 21 
Do not try to create a second business, unless the first one can maintain/grow without you needed, in the day to day. 

Lesson 22 
Being profitable without cash on hand = fucked

Lesson 23 
Positioning is key, especially when all trainers offer the same thing. 

Lesson 24
Marketing and acquisition tactics vary per business.
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