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PT Core x Online Coaching Blueprint

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional
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About our PT Core x Online Coaching Blueprint Bundle

Get access to our flagship PT Core course for Personal Trainers all around the world and get access to our Online Coaching Blueprint course. 

This is the ultimate bundle, giving you the knowledge, tools and confidence to train client in-person and build your online personal training systems. Adding additional revenue streams and building a better business in the process. 
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About the PTC Team

Comprised of experts with decades of experience

The PTC teaching team is comprised of experts in the industry with decades of experience of training clients as well as academic qualifications, meaning that you are learning from people who have been in your shoes and fully understand the process of becoming a successful Personal Trainer

Personal Training Success Stories

Solid gold!
First-class foundation in exercise and nutrition programming delivered by some of the industry's finest.
It's pays to be smart, but it's pays more, to be a trainer, who's best interests, are with the clients health and wellbeing.
That alone, will help drive your business forward.
That's something that's engrained within the PTC.
They gave me the knowledge and the confidence which I needed to start my online coaching business. It was a great experience, gentlemen. 
Thanks a lot.
Simply brilliant.
The quality of their courses and the professionalism of the teachers and staff make the PTC the place you want to learn from.
All the learning and material you get will definitely leave you in the best place to start or expand your fitness career.
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