PT Collective August 2021 round up

Each month we want to publish a blog post on what we have been working on for that month. 

One, to keep you in the loop and two, to provide you with value. 

Where to start?

Podcast is back!

Well the PT Collective Podcast is back up and running. We have published two episodes and will be publishing a podcast every Wednesday.  

Listen to it below   

PT Core course enrolment opens again

Our flagship PT Core course for Personal Trainers is now open again. Our first cohort are just finishing up and we have had great feedback but more importantly, our trainers are more confident in their knowledge, systems and are signing up even more clients.   

To check out the course syllabus and find out more, click the link below.

Enrolment closes on September 15th  

Exercise mastery series

Unit 4 on the PT Core is our exercise mastery unit and we have been publishing weekly Instagram carousels.  

Free personal training course

We launched a free taster course. It is for our UK nationally recognised Personal Training qualifications. It has lessons from our level 2, 3 and PT Core course.  

If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking at potentially becoming a Personal Trainer, feel free to enrol.  
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