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PT Collective partners with My Protein

We are happy to announce with have partnered with My Protein

My Protein PT Scheme

My Protein have just started their My Protein PT scheme where they will helping and providing support to Personal Trainers. To launch their PT scheme we were chosen as the go to training provider in their latest campaign. 

We were tasked with finding 10 aspiring personal trainers who wanted to follow their passion and become a fully qualified personal trainer. With over 500 applicants and watching over 250 videos, we now have our final 10 students. 

Launching on March 22nd we at the Personal Trainer Collective will be taking them through their Active IQ Level 2 certificate in Gym Instructing Qualification, Active IQ Level 3 diploma in Personal Training, While also provided our own Online Coaching Blueprint course and our PT core course, which is our flagship course for those who have qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer. 

Keep a close eye on their progress over the coming months and years. 
When My Protein reached out to us about a possible partnership with their My Protein PT Scheme, I knew it would be a great opportunity to collaborate with such a big brand.
Luke Johnson (CEO of PT Collective)
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